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Amazon Launches Streaming Music Service; Spotify and Beats Shrug


Introduced a new streaming music service for its Prime members today. Music is an ad free service that features more than one million tracks from 10,000 albums drawn from the catalogs of Sony, Warner and many independent labels (Universal Music Group's catalog is absent, as it wasn't part of the deal). You can listen to music online, or download them to your device for offline use. It goes live today on Kindle Fire HD and HDX, iOS, Android, PC and Mac apps, and the web. Says it will be coming later this year to Sonos, Fire TV, and other platforms.

Streaming music is increasingly a commodity, with the various services trying to set themselves apart via features. Says that it's focusing on a few key areas. There will be no ads

3.7.15 21:01


A Beautiful Glowing Bike Lane Modeled After Van Gogh's Starry Night


To experience Vincent Van Gogh s Starry Night, there s really only one place you can go: inside a gallery in New York City s Museum of Modern Art. Starting today, you have another option. If you happen to be near Eindhoven in the Netherlands, you can walk or bike down a glowing path modeled after Van Gogh's masterpiece. The one kilometer lane is the work of Daan Roosegaarde, the same designer responsible for the glowing stretch highway we featured last week.

Like the Smart Highway, The Van Gogh-Rooosegaarde bike path (located near where Van Gogh himself lived from 1883-1885) uses a luminescent material that charges during the day and glows at night. These glowing bits look like little pebbles, but they re actually not rocks at all. Using the smart coating material developed with Dutch infrastructure company Heijmans, Roosegaarde was able to create 50,000 fluorescent "rocks" that he then embedded into wet concrete in a swirling, pointillism pattern reminiscent of Starry Night.

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